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  • Adikari, A., Xu, J., Casterlow, S., Li, H., Gilbert, E. R., McElroy, A. P., ... Smith, E. J. (2017). Haplotype Structure and DNA Sequence Variation of the Liver Expressed Antimicrobial Peptide-2 (chLEAP-2) Gene in Chickens challenged with Eimeria maxima . International Journal of Poultry Science. 16(9), 336-343.
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  • Wittish, L. M., McElroy, A. P., Harper, A. F., & Estienne, M. J. (2014). Performance and physiology of pigs administered spray-dried plasma protein during the late suckling period and transported after weaning.. J Anim Sci. 92(10), 4390-4399.
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  • Walters, J., Evans, R., LeRoith, T., Sriranganathan, N., McElroy, A., & Pierson, F. W. (2014). Experimental comparison of hemolytic and nonhemolytic Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale field isolates in vivo.. Avian Dis. 58(1), 78-82.
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  • Paiva, D., & McElroy, A. (2014). Necrotic enteritis: Applications for the poultry industry. The Journal of Applied Poultry Research. 23(3), 557-566.
  • Walk, C. L., Bedford, M. R., Santos, T. S., Paiva, D., Bradley, J. R., Wladecki, H., Honaker, C., & McElroy, A. P. (2013). Extra-phosphoric effects of superdoses of a novel microbial phytase.. Poult Sci. 92(3), 719-725.
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Conference Papers2
  • Caldwell, D. J., Danforth, H. D., Morris, B. C., Ameiss, K. A., & McElroy, A. P. (2004). Participation of the intestinal epithelium and mast cells in local mucosal immune responses in commercial poultry.. Poult Sci. 83(4), 591-599.
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  • McReynolds, J. L., Caldwell, D. Y., McElroy, A. P., Hargis, B. M., & Caldwell, D. J. (2000). Antimicrobial residue detection in chicken yolk samples following administration to egg-producing chickens and effects of residue detection on competitive exclusion culture (PREEMPT) establishment.. J Agric Food Chem. 48(12), 6435-6438.
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