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  • Wells, R., Quesnell, V. A., Humphreys, R. L., Dewar, H., Rooker, J. R., Alvarado Bremer, J., & Snodgrass, O. E. (2021). Nursery origin and population connectivity of swordfish Xiphias gladius in the North Pacific Ocean.. J Fish Biol. 99(2), 354-363.
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  • Sepulveda, C. A., Wang, M., Aalbers, S. A., & Alvarado-Bremer, J. R. (2020). Insights into the horizontal movements, migration patterns, and stock affiliation of California swordfish. Fisheries Oceanography. 29(2), 152-168.
  • Sandoval Laurrabaquio-A, N., Islas-Villanueva, V., Adams, D. H., Uribe-Alcocer, M., Alvarado-Bremer, J. R., & Daz-Jaimes, P. (2019). Genetic evidence for regional philopatry of the Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas), to nursery areas in estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico and western North Atlantic ocean. Fisheries Research. 67-74.
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  • Pearrubia, L., Vias, J., Sanz, N., Smith, B. L., Alvarado Bremer, J. R., Pla, C., & Vidal, O. (2019). SNP identification and validation in two invasive species: zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) and Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea). Animal Biodiversity and Coservation. (1), 65-68.
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Conference Papers3
  • Atkins, E. L., Tinhan, T. C., Wells, R., & Alvarado-Bremer, J. R. (2019). Estimating levels of gene flow of a large coastal shark, Carcharhinus leucas, in the Gulf of Mexico. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 59, E268-E268.
  • Alvarado Bremer, J. R., Hinton, M. G., & Greig, T. W. (2006). Evidence of spatial genetic heterogeneity in Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius) revealed by the analysis of ldh-A sequences. Bulletin of Marine Science. 79(3), 493-503.
  • Glenn, T. C., Staton, J. L., Vu, A. T., Davis, L. M., Bremer, J., Rhodes, W. E., Brisbin, I. L., & Sawyer, R. H. (2002). Low mitochondrial DNA variation among American alligators and a novel non-coding region in crocodilians.. J Exp Zool. 294(4), 312-324.
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