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Dr. Joanna N. Lahey received her PhD in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Lahey is an expert on age discrimination and the relationship between age and labor market outcomes. Her work also covers the effects of fertility control access. She is a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

selected publications
Academic Articles33
  • Lahey, J. N., Weaver, A. J., & Oxley, D. R. (2022). Do future public servants have more anti-discriminatory behavior?. International Public Management Journal. 1-20.
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  • Lahey, J. N., & Oxley, D. R. (2021). Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Experiment. JOURNAL OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT. 40(4), 1083-+.
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  • Kee, J., Knuth, M., Lahey, J. N., & Palma, M. A. (2021). Does eye-tracking have an effect on economic behavior?. PLoS One. (8), e0254867-e0254867.
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  • Taylor, L. L., Lahey, J. N., Beck, M. I., & Froyd, J. E. (2020). How to Do a Salary Equity Study: With an Illustrative Example From Higher Education. PUBLIC PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. 49(1), 57-82.
  • Dague, L., & Lahey, J. (2019). Causal Inference Methods: Lessons from Applied Microeconomics. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH AND THEORY. 29(3), 511-529.
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  • Lahey, J. N (2008). Age discrimination and hiring: Evidence from a labor market experiment. Older and Out of Work: Jobs and Social Insurance for a Changing Economy. 45-58.
Conference Papers1
  • Lahey, J. N., & Oxley, D. (2016). The Power of Eye Tracking in Economics Experiments. AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW. 106(5), 309-313.
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