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  • St. Jean, S. C., Jortner, B. S., Doan, R. N., Dindot, S. V., Johnson, G. S., Bullock, G., ... Porter, B. F. (2022). Pathologic characterization of canine multiple system degeneration in the Ibizan hound. Veterinary Pathology. 59(1), 132-137.
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  • Born, H. A., Martinez, L. A., Levine, A. T., Harris, S. E., Mehra, S., Lee, W. L., ... Anderson, A. E. (2021). Early developmental EEG and seizure phenotypes in a full gene deletion of ubiquitin protein ligase E3A rat model of Angelman syndrome. 8(2), eneuro.0345-eneu20.2020.
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  • Kelly, E., Meng, F., Fujita, H., Morgado, F., Kazemi, Y., Rice, L. C., ... Tsai, P. T. (2020). Regulation of autism-relevant behaviors by cerebellar–prefrontal cortical circuits. 23(9), 1102-1110.
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  • Dodge, A., Peters, M. M., Greene, H. E., Dietrick, C., Botelho, R., Chung, D., ... Nash, K. R. (2020). Generation of a Novel Rat Model of Angelman Syndrome with a Complete Ube3a Gene Deletion.. Autism Res. (3),
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  • Salazar-Medina, A. J., Velazquez-Contreras, E. F., Sugich-Miranda, R., Santacruz, H., Navarro, R. E., Rocha-Alonzo, F., ... Criscitiello, M. F. (2020). Immune response of human cultured cells towards macrocyclic Fe2PO and Fe2PC bioactive cyclophane complexes.. PeerJ. 8, e8956-e8956.
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Conference Papers1
  • Piccolo, P., Dindot, S., Grove, N., Palmer, D., & Brunetti-Pierri, N. (2010). Intrathecal injection of HDAd vectors results in long-term transgene expression in neuroepithelial cells and neurons. 21(10), 1395-1395.
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  • Dindot, S. V., Christian, S., Murphy, W. J., Berent, A., Panagoulias, J., Schlafer, A., ... Douville, J. (2021). Development of an ASO therapy for Angelman syndrome by targeting an evolutionarily conserved region at the start of the UBE3A-AS transcript.
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  • Ghaffari, N., Sanchez-Flores, A., Doan, R., Garcia-Orozco, K. D., Chen, P. L., Ochoa-Leyva, A., ... Criscitiello, M. F. (2014). Novel transcriptome assembly and improved annotation of the whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), a dominant crustacean in global seafood mariculture. Scientific Reports.
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