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Dr. Sun's research focuses on synthetic biology with advancing designs and applications. Using expertise in molecular engineering, protein engineering, and microbial consortia engineering, to develop new techniques to reprogram gut microbiome, protein machinery and biomaterials. Our current application areas include health, environment and energy. Her research interests are synthetic biology with focus on protein engineering, genetic circuits design and biomaterial development for environmental and biomedical applications.

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Academic Articles16
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  • Gao, B., Sabnis, R., Costantini, T., Jinkerson, R., & Sun, Q. (2020). A peek in the micro-sized world: a review of design principles, engineering tools, and applications of engineered microbial community.. Biochem Soc Trans. 48(2), 399-409.
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  • Sun, Q., Tsai, S., & Chen, W. (2019). Artificial scaffolds for enhanced biocatalysis. MACROMOLECULAR CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, PT D. 617, 363-383.
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  • Chen, R. P., Blackstock, D., Sun, Q., & Chen, W. (2018). Dynamic protein assembly by programmable DNA strand displacement. Nature Chemistry. 10(4), 474-481.
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  • Berckman, E. A., Hartzell, E. J., Mitkas, A. A., Sun, Q., & Chen, W. (2020). Biological Assembly of Modular Protein Building Blocks as Sensing, Delivery, and Therapeutic Agents. ANNUAL REVIEW OF CHEMICAL AND BIOMOLECULAR ENGINEERING, VOL 11. 1-28. Annual Reviews.
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Conference Papers1
  • Gao, B., & Sun, Q. (2019). Engineering bacteria to program animal behavior and lipid metabolism. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 257,
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