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  • Kodali, M., Madhu, L. N., Reger, R. L., Milutinovic, B., Upadhya, R., Gonzalez, J. J., ... Shetty, A. K. (2023). Intranasally administered human MSC-derived extracellular vesicles inhibit NLRP3-p38/MAPK signaling after TBI and prevent chronic brain dysfunction.. Brain Behav Immun. 108, 118-134.
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  • Attaluri, S., Upadhya, R., Kodali, M., Madhu, L. N., Upadhya, D., Shuai, B., & Shetty, A. K. (2022). Brain-Specific Increase in Leukotriene Signaling Accompanies Chronic Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Impairment in a Model of Gulf War Illness.. Front Immunol. 13, 853000.
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  • Madhu, L. N., Somayaji, Y., & Shetty, A. K. (2022). Promise of irisin to attenuate cognitive dysfunction in aging and Alzheimer's disease.. Ageing Res Rev. 78, 101637-101637.
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Conference Papers5
  • Madhu, L. N., Attaluri, S., Kodali, M., Melissari, L., Shuai, B., Upadhya, R., & Shetty, A. K. (2019). Brain Dysfunction in a Model of Gulf War Illness Continues into Middle Age with Elevated Oxidative Stress and Waned Mitochondrial Activity. CELL TRANSPLANTATION. 28(4), 476-477.
  • Suschetha Kumari, N., Madhu, L. N., Bhandary, S., Shetty, S., & Shetty, V. (2012). Evaluation of Erythrocyte antioxidant defense enzyme activity in electron beam irradiated mice. Proceedings of International conference on Emerging frontiers and Challenges in radiation biology. 169-173.
  • Suchetha Kumari, N., Madhu, L. N., & Sanjeev, G. (2010). Effect of Electron Beam radiation on Antioxidant status of Swiss albino mice. Proceedings of NAARRI international conference. 413-416.
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