Dr. Richardson has research and graduate teaching responsibilities in public policy and risk analysis. Richardson's research has attracted national recognition by emphasizing quantitative, risk based policy analyses through the use of farm-level simulation models.Evaluating the farm-level impacts of agricultural and tax policies on crop, livestock, and dairy farms is Richardson's specialty. His research is largely responsible for the ability of AFPC to evaluate the implications of policy decisions at the farm level -- the analytical dimension for which the Center is best known. As new policies are considered, their consequences are evaluated and the results are provided to policymakers, producers, producer groups, and policy analysts. More recently his research has expanded to include risk based economic feasibility of alternative renewable energy feedstocks and production systems.Richardson's research also involves quantitatively evaluating the impacts of new technology on the economic viability of agricultural firms, farm program formulation, farm structure, and competitiveness of U.S. agriculture. Richardson developed a simulation language and data analysis package (Simetar(C)) for teaching risk analysis and for risk modeling.

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Academic Articles87
  • Balana, B. B., Bizimana, J., Richardson, J. W., Lefore, N., Adimassu, Z., & Herbst, B. K. (2020). Economic and food security effects of small-scale irrigation technologies in northern Ghana. Water Resources and Economics. 100141-100141.
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  • Yi, J., Bryant, H. L., & Richardson, J. W. (2020). How do premium subsidies affect crop insurance demand at different coverage levels: the case of corn. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice. 45(1), 5-28.
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  • Bizimana, J., & Richardson, J. W. (2019). Agricultural technology assessment for smallholder farms: An analysis using a farm simulation model (FARMSIM). Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 406-425.
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  • Worqlul, A., Dile, Y., Bizimana, J., Jeong, J., Gerik, T., Srinivasan, R., Richardson, J., & Clarke, N. (2018). Multi-Dimensional Evaluation of Simulated Small-Scale Irrigation Intervention: A Case Study in Dimbasinia Watershed, Ghana. Sustainability. (5), 1531-1531.
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  • Jahandideh, A., Johnson, T. J., Esmaeili, N., Johnson, M. D., Richardson, J. W., Muthukumarappan, K., ... Gibbons, W. R. (2017). Life cycle analysis of a large-scale limonene production facility utilizing filamentous N2-fixing cyanobacteria. Algal Research. 23, 1-11.
  • Richardson, J. W. (2014). Computer Modeling: Policy Analysis and Simulation. Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems. 359-374. Elsevier.
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  • Bryant, H. L., Lu, J., Richardson, J. W., & Outlaw, J. L. (2012). Long-Term Effects of Increasing Ethanol Production on Agricultural Markets and Trade, Land Use, and Food Security. L. Bryant, H., Lu, J., W. Richardson, J., & L. Outlaw, J. (Eds.), The Economics of Alternative Energy Sources and Globalization. 126-138. BENTHAM SCIENCE PUBLISHERS.
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Conference Papers26
  • Dudensing, R., Richardson, J., & Lu, R. (2013). Development and validation of a stochastic disaster impact model. WIT Transactions on The Built Environment, DISASTER MANAGEMENT 2013. 1, 335-346.
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  • Richardson, J. W., Outlaw, J. L., & Schumann, K. (2010). Kernal density functions to estimate parameters to simulate stochastic variables with sparse data: what is the best distribution?. Risk Analysis VII, RISK ANALYSIS 2010. 1, 3-12.
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  • Raulston, J. M., Knapek, G. M., Outlaw, J. L., & Richardson, J. W. (2009). "Farm-Level Impacts of 2008 Farm Bill Payment Limit Rules and Adjusted Gross Income Eligibility Criteria.". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 34(3), 551-551.
  • Herbst, B. K., Anderson, D. P., Outlaw, J. L., & Richardson, J. W. (2009). "Potential Ramifications of the EPA Dairy Cow Tax.". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 34(3), 551-551.
  • Raulston, J. M., Knapek, G. M., Richardson, J. W., Outlaw, J. L., & Allison, M. (2008). "An Examination of Increases in CRP Rental Rates Necessary to Keep Land Enrolled in the Western US". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 33(3), 496-496.
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