My research interests include game theory and dynamic optimization, with applications in electricity and communication networks.

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Academic Articles41
  • Garcia, A., Wang, L., Huang, J., & Hong, L. (2020). Distributed Networked Real-Time Learning. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems. 8(1), 28-38.
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  • Pu, S., Escudero-Garzs, J. J., Garcia, A., & Shahrampour, S. (2020). An Online Mechanism for Resource Allocation in Networks. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems. 7(3), 1140-1150.
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  • Hajinezhad, D., Hong, M., & Garcia, A. (2019). ZONE: Zeroth-Order Nonconvex Multiagent Optimization Over Networks. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. 64(10), 3995-4010.
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  • Escudero-Garzás, J. J., Bousoño-Calzón, C., & García, A. (2019). On the Feasibility of 5G Slice Resource Allocation With Spectral Efficiency: A Probabilistic Characterization. IEEE Access. 7, 151948-151961.
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  • Sun, Y., & Garcia, A. (2017). Interactive model-based search with reactive resource allocation. Journal of Global Optimization. 67(1-2), 135-149.
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Conference Papers1
  • S. Su, .., Z. Lin, .., & A. Garcia, .. (2014). Distributed synchronization control of multi-agent systems with unknown nonlinearities: The case of fixed directed communication topology. 2017 AMERICAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ACC). 5361-5366.
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