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Our goal is to determine how proteins function in space and time in the context of complex cellular networks. We focus on chemistry-driven approaches to manipulate protein structure beyond what is feasible with standard genetics. In particular, we use semi-synthetic light-activatable proteins as biophysical probes to investigate protein mechanisms inside living cells. Areas of interest include the important but poorly understood process of protein S-acylation, signal transduction, and protein trafficking.

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  • Brock, D. J., Kondow-McConaghy, H. M., Hager, E. C., & Pellois, J. (2019). Endosomal Escape and Cytosolic Penetration of Macromolecules Mediated by Synthetic Delivery Agents.. Bioconjug Chem. 30(2), 293-304.
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  • Fang, Y. u., Lian, X., Huang, Y., Fu, G., Xiao, Z., Wang, Q. i., ... Zhou, H. (2018). Investigating Subcellular Compartment Targeting Effect of Porous Coordination Cages for Enhancing Cancer Nanotherapy.. Small. 14(47), e1802709-1802709.
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  • Brock, D. J., Kustigian, L., Jiang, M., Graham, K., Wang, T., Erazo-Oliveras, A., ... Pellois, J. (2018). Efficient cell delivery mediated by lipid-specific endosomal escape of supercharged branched peptides.. Traffic. 19(6), 421-435.
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