The principal focus of our research is the consequences of life history and environmental change on nutrition. Our current projects are focused on ungulates (e.g., reindeer, caribou, moose, muskoxen, white-tailed deer) but we also study waterfowl (e.g. ducks and geese) as well as non-game species (e.g. porcupines and bats) in both wild and captive populations. We attempt to provide information that will expand policy options for managing wildlife populations and their habitats.

selected publications
Academic Articles87
  • Johnson, H. E., Golden, T. S., Adams, L. G., Gustine, D. D., Lenart, E. A., & Barboza, P. S. (2021). Dynamic selection for forage quality and quantity in response to phenology and insects in an Arctic ungulate. Ecology and Evolution. 11(17), 11664-11688.
  • Martin, J. M., Zarestky, J., Briske, D. D., & Barboza, P. S. (2021). Vulnerability assessment of the multi‐sector North American bison Bison bison management system to climate change. People and Nature. 3(3), 711-722.
  • Hollingsworth, K. A., Shively, R. D., Glasscock, S. N., Light, J. E., Tolleson, D. R., & Barboza, P. S. (2021). Trace mineral supplies for populations of little and large herbivores.. PLoS One. 16(3), e0248204-e0248204.
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  • Thompson, D. P., Crouse, J. A., Barboza, P. S., Spathelf, M. O., Herberg, A. M., Parker, S. D., & Morris, M. A. (2021). Behaviour influences thermoregulation of boreal moose during the warm season.. Conserv Physiol. 9(1), coaa130.
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  • Thompson, D. P., Crouse, J. A., McDonough, T. J., Barboza, P. S., & Jaques, S. (2020). Acute Thermal and Stress Response in Moose to Chemical Immobilization. The Journal of Wildlife Management. 84(6), 1051-1062.
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  • Barboza, P. S., Parker, K. L., & Hume, I. D. (2009). Integrative Wildlife Nutrition. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Conference Papers3
  • Barboza, P. S., & Hume, I. D. (2006). Physiology of intermittent feeding: integrating responses of vertebrates to nutritional deficit and excess.. Physiol Biochem Zool. 79(2), 250-264.
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  • Barboza, P. S., & Reynolds, P. E. (2004). Monitoring nutrition of a large grazer: muskoxen on the Arctic Refuge. International Congress Series. 1275, 327-333.
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  • Barboza, P., Peltier, T., & Forster, R. (2004). Ruminal degradation increases with seasonal hyperphagia in muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus): a preliminary report. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences. 13(Suppl. 1), 711-714.
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