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  • Knight, S., Ikhlef, A., Parker, D., Joshi, M., Eslami, Z., Saddiq, H. M., Al-Ahraf, M., & Al-Saai, A. (2011). Investigation of math and science teaching and learning in Qatari independent elementary schools.. Gitsaki, C. (Eds.), Teaching and Learning in the Arab World. (pp. 249-274). Peter Lang Publishers.
  • Christensen, R. M., Parker, D., & Knezek, G. (2005). Advances in Preservice Educator Competence and confidence in Technology Intergration: Comparative Findings from Two PT3 Projects. Rhine, S., & Bailey, M. (Eds.), Integrated Technologies, Innovative Learning: Insights from the PT3 Program. (pp. 187-198). ISTE Publications.
  • Parker, D. (1998). Guideline: Collaborative Programs. Stuessy, C. L., & Thomas, J. A. (Eds.), Elementary Teachers Do Science: Guidelines For Teacher Preparation Programs. (pp. 19-33). ERIC Clearinghouse.
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