My research interests include the development and application of NAA for characterizing materials, standardized methods for improving data quality, and approaches for increasing laboratory automation.

selected publications
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  • Thakare, K., Jerpseth, L., Pei, Z., Tomlin, B., & Qin, H (2021). Three-Dimensional Printing of Hydrogel Filters Containing Algae Cells for Copper Removal From Contaminated Water. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. 143(10),
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  • Contreras-Ramirez, A., Tomlin, B. E., Day, G. S., Clearfield, A., & Zhou, H. (2020). Solvent-Free Synthesis of Nano Zirconium Phenylphosphonates with Molten Phenylphosphonic Acid.. Chemistry. 26(28), 6185-6194.
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  • Eller, M. J., Vinjamuri, A., Tomlin, B. E., & Schweikert, E. A. (2018). Molecular Colocalization Using Massive Gold Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.. Anal Chem. 90(21), 12692-12697.
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  • Cao, L. R., Hattrick-Simpers, J. R., Bindel, R., Tomlin, B. E., Zeisler, R., Paul, R., Bendersky, L. A., & Downing, R. G (2010). Combinatorial study of thin film metal hydride by prompt gamma activation analysis. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 283(1), 63-68.
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  • Paul, R. L., Mackey, E. A., Zeisler, R., Spatz, R. O., & Tomlin, B. E (2009). Determination of elements in SRM soil 2709a by neutron activation analysis. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 282(3), 945-950.
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