Dr. Wei Li is Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Coordinator of the Master of Urban Planning Program at Texas A&M University. He is committed to the promotion of sustainability and health through smart investments on urban infrastructure. He has published numerous high-impact journal articles that assess economic and health impacts of various environmental attributes, such as green space, urban forestry, public transit, walkability, and bikeability. His research contributes insights for better investment decisions on sustainable transportation and green infrastructure.

selected publications
Academic Articles16
  • Newman, G., Lee, R. J., Gu, D., Park, Y., Saginor, J., Van Zandt, S., & Li, W. (2019). Evaluating drivers of housing vacancy: a longitudinal analysis of large U.S. cities from 1960 to 2010.. J Hous Built Environ. 34(3), 807-827.
  • Won, J., Lee, C., & Li, W. (2018). Are Walkable Neighborhoods More Resilient to the Foreclosure Spillover Effects?. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 38(4), 463-476.
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  • Sindhu, J., Choi, K., Lavy, S., Rybkowski, Z. K., Bigelow, B. F., & Li, W (2018). Effects of Front-End Planning under Fast-Tracked Project Delivery Systems for Industrial Projects. International Journal of Construction Education and Research. 14(3), 163-178.
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  • Kim, J., Li, W., Newman, G., Kil, S., & Park, S. Y. (2018). The Influence of Urban Landscape Spatial Patterns on Single-Family Property Values.. Environ Plan B Urban Anal City Sci. 45(1), 26-43.
Conference Papers1
  • Zhong, H., & Li, W (2016). Rail transit investment and property values: An old tale retold. Transport Policy. 51, 33-48.
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