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  • Hessami, A. R., Faghihi, V., Kim, A., & Ford, D. N. (2020). Evaluating planning strategies for prioritizing projects in sustainability improvement programs. Construction Management and Economics. 38(8), 1-13.
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  • Ford, D. N., & Wolf, C. M. (2020). Smart Cities with Digital Twin Systems for Disaster Management. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING. 36(4), 04020027-04020027.
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  • Ford, D. N., & White, R. J. (2020). Social impact bonds: The goose and the golden eggs at risk. SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE. 37(2), 333-344.
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  • Ford, D. N. (2019). A system dynamics glossary. System Dynamics Review. 35(4), 369-379.
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  • Wang, T. K., Ford, D. N., Chong, H. Y., & Zhang, W. (2018). Causes of delays in the construction phase of Chinese building projects. Engineering Construction & Architectural Management. 25(11), 1534-1551.
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