Professor Prechel's primary areas of research are economic, environmental, organizational, and political sociology. Prechel's research program focuses on corporate-state relations with particular focus on how the balance between state power and corporate power affects the policy formation process. Prechel also conducts research and publishes on corporate change, financialization, financial malfeasance, and income and wealth inequality. His current research examines how political-legal arrangements and organizational characteristics affect environmental pollution.

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  • Prechel, H., & Zheng, L. u. (2016). Do organizational and political-legal arrangements explain financial wrongdoing?. Br J Sociol. 67(4), 655-677.
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  • Prechel, H., & Istvan, A. (2016). Editors Pick. Sociological Perspectives. 59(3), 505-527.
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  • Prechel, H. (2015). Organizational Political Economy and Environmental Pollution. Sociology Compass. 9(9), 828-840.
  • Prechel, H. (2012). Corporate power and US economic and environmental policy, 1978-2008. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. 5(3), 357-375.
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  • Prechel, H., Helmchen, L., Kaestner, R., & LoSasso, A. (2008). Foreword: Politics and public policy. Elsevier.
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  • Prechel, H. (2008). Preface. Elsevier.
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  • Prechel, H. N. (2012). Political Capitalism, Markets,and the Global Financial Crises. Ritzer, G. (Eds.), The Wiley-BlackwellEncyclopedia of Globalization. 1665-1672. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  • Prechel, H. N. (2011). Political Capitalism and Organizational-Political Structure: Pollution in the U.S. Electrical Power Industry. Robertson, J., & Meimeth, M. (Eds.), Sustainable Development: Politics, Economy and Society. 121-142. Nomos Publishers.
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