My broad research interests are U.S. foreign relations, decolonization and the Cold War, race and diplomacy, and Caribbean/inter-American affairs.

selected publications
Academic Articles4
  • Parker, J. C (2011). Cheddi Jagan and the Politics of Power: British Guiana's Struggle for Independence. Journal of American History. 98(2), 570-571.
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  • Parker, J (2002). Remapping the Cold War in the Tropics: Race, Communism, and National Security in the West Indies. The International History Review. 24(2), 318-347.
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  • Parker, J. C (2008). Brother's Keeper. Oxford University Press.
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  • Parker, J (2018). ‘‘An Assembly of Peoples in Struggle”: How the Cold War Made Latin America Part of the “Third World’’. Jerónimo, M. B., & Monteiro, J. P. (Eds.), Internationalism, Imperialism and the Formation of the Contemporary World. 307-326. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Parker, J (2013). Decolonization, the Cold War, and the Post-Columbian Era. McMahon, R. J. (Eds.), The Cold War in the Third World. 124-138. Oxford University Press.
  • Parker, J (2011). Ideology, race and nonalignment in US cold war foreign relations: Or, How the cold war racialized neutralism without neutralizing race. Challenging US Foreign Policy: America and the World in the Long Twentieth Century. 75-98.
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  • Parker, J. C (2010). Crisis Management And Missed Opportunities: U.S. Public Diplomacy And The Creation Of The Third World, 1947–1950. Osgood, K. A. (Eds.), The United States and Public Diplomacy: New Directions in Cultural and International History. 225-256. BRILL.
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  • Parker, J (2006). Diaspora against empire: Apprehension, expectation, and West Indian anti-Americanism, 1937-1945. Anti-Americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean. 165-187.
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