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A long-term research goal of our group is to determine the molecular basis behind protein-lipid interactions and how these interactions can modulate the structure and function of membrane proteins, including their interactions with signaling molecules. What determines the selectivity of membrane proteins towards lipids, and the coupling between lipid binding events and function remains a key knowledge gap in the field; one that if addressed will significantly advance our understanding of how lipids participate in both normal and pathophysiological processes of membrane proteins. Therefore, there is a critical need to expand our fundamental knowledge in this emerging field by applying and developing innovative approaches to elucidate how lipids modulate the structure function of membrane proteins. To this end, we are studying a number of ion channels, receptors and other types of membrane proteins.

selected publications
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  • Poltash, M. L., McCabe, J. W., Shirzadeh, M., Laganowsky, A., & Russell, D. H. (2020). Native IM-Orbitrap MS: Resolving What Was Hidden.. Trends Analyt Chem. 124, 115533-115533.
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  • Moghadamchargari, Z., Huddleston, J., Shirzadeh, M., Zheng, X., Clemmer, D. E., M Raushel, F., Russell, D. H., & Laganowsky, A. (2019). Intrinsic GTPase Activity of K-RAS Monitored by Native Mass Spectrometry.. Biochemistry. 58(31), 3396-3405.
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  • Patrick, J. W., & Laganowsky, A. (2019). Generation of Charge-Reduced Ions of Membrane Protein Complexes for Native Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Studies.. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 30(5), 886-892.
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  • Poltash, M. L., Shirzadeh, M., McCabe, J. W., Moghadamchargari, Z., Laganowsky, A., & Russell, D. H. (2019). New insights into the metal-induced oxidative degradation pathways of transthyretin.. Chem Commun (Camb). 55(28), 4091-4094.
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  • Shirzadeh, M., Boone, C. D., Laganowsky, A., & Russell, D. H. (2019). Topological Analysis of Transthyretin Disassembly Mechanism: Surface-Induced Dissociation Reveals Hidden Reaction Pathways.. Anal Chem. 91(3), 2345-2351.
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  • Patrick, J. W., & Laganowsky, A. (2019). Probing Heterogeneous Lipid Interactions with Membrane Proteins Using Mass Spectrometry.. Methods Mol Biol. Methods in Molecular Biology. 175-190. Springer New York.
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