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Academic Articles18
  • Wacker, K. T., Weems, A. C., Lim, S., Khan, S., Felder, S. E., Dove, A. P., & Wooley, K. L. (2019). Harnessing the Chemical Diversity of the Natural Product Magnolol for the Synthesis of Renewable, Degradable Neolignan Thermosets with Tunable Thermomechanical Characteristics and Antioxidant Activity.. Biomacromolecules. 20(1), 109-117.
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  • Pulukkody, R., Chupik, R. B., Montalvo, S. K., Khan, S., Bhuvanesh, N., Lim, S., & Darensbourg, M. Y. (2017). Toward biocompatible dinitrosyl iron complexes: sugar-appended thiolates.. Chem Commun (Camb). 53(6), 1180-1183.
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  • Kristufek, T. S., Kristufek, S. L., Link, L. A., Weems, A. C., Khan, S., Lim, S., ... Wooley, K. L. (2016). Rapidly-cured isosorbide-based cross-linked polycarbonate elastomers. Polymer Chemistry. 7(15), 2639-2644.
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  • Wacker, K. T., Kristufek, S. L., Lim, S., Kahn, S., & Wooley, K. L. (2016). Bio-based polycarbonates derived from the neolignan honokiol. RSC Advances. 6(85), 81672-81679.
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  • Elsabahy, M., Heo, G. S., Lim, S., Sun, G., & Wooley, K. L. (2015). Polymeric Nanostructures for Imaging and Therapy.. Chem Rev. 115(19), 10967-11011.
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Conference Papers2
  • Sreenivasappa, H., Lim, S., Trzeciakowski, J. P., Rivera, G., Davidson, M. W., & Trache, A. (2012). Effect of cytoskeletal tension on vascular smooth muscle cell adhesion.. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL. 23,
  • Lim, S., Trzeciakowski, J., Sreenivasappa, H., & Trache, A. (2011). Cytoskeletal tension modulates cellular responses to mechanical stimuli. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL. 22,
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