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University Distinguished Professor of Marketing


My research focuses on the study of healthcare services, and the improvement of cancer care for patients and their families.

selected publications
Academic Articles159
  • Berry, L. L., Danaher, T. S., Aksoy, L., & Keiningham, T. L. (2020). Service Safety in the Pandemic Age. Journal of Service Research. 23(4), 391-395.
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  • Berry, L. L. (2020). Designing connection into healthcare services. Journal of Service Management. 31(5), 861-868.
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  • Berry, L. L., & Awdish, R. (2020). Health Care Organizations Should Be as Generous as Their Workers.. ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 174(1), 103-104.
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  • Berry, L. L., Crane, J., Deming, K. A., & Barach, P. (2020). Using Evidence to Design Cancer Care Facilities. American Journal of Medical Quality. 35(5), 397-404.
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  • Berry, L. L., Parish, J. T., & Dikec, A. (2020). Creating value through quality service. Organizational Dynamics. 49(3), 100716-100716.
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  • Seltman, K. D., & Berry, L. L. (2013). Mayo Clinic: Making Complex Healthcare Simpler. Handbook of Systems and Complexity in Health. (pp. 685-696). Springer New York.
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