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Dr. Zou's research focus is statistical machine learning on large scale, dynamic and networked data with its applications in health care, brain science, and process control. Specifically, her interests include integrating Bayesian statistics and sparse learning models for transfer learning, statistical and predictive modeling of dynamic and multi-dimensional data for network evolution and change detection. She is also interested in brain informatics to model brain connectivity for cognitive performance assessment, biomarker identification and disease diagnosis.

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  • Bhardwaj, A., Jones, S. Z., Kalantar, N., Pei, Z., Vickers, J., Wangler, T., ... ASME, .. (2019). ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESSES FOR INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION: A REVIEW.
  • Bhardwaj, A., Kalantar, N., Molina, E., Zou, N. a., Pei, Z., & ASME, .. (2019). EXTRUSION-BASED 3D PRINTING OF PORCELAIN: FEASIBLE REGIONS.
  • Li, Y., Huang, X., Li, J., Du, M., & Zou, N. a. (2019). SpecAE. 2233-2236.
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