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My interests are late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century literary culture; early modern women writers; history of authorship, reading and handwritten culture; early modern social media and multi-modal literacy

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  • Ezell, M. (2020). Lively Effigies: Memorial Ephemera. Eighteenth-Century Life. 44(2), 134-155.
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  • Ezell, M. (2017). Big books, big data, and reading literary histories. Eighteenth-Century Life. 41(3), 3-19.
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  • Killigrew, A., & Ezell, M. (2013). "My Rare Wit Killing Sin" Poems of a Restoration Courtier. Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.
  • Ezell, M. (2003). Social Authorship and the Advent of Print. JHU Press.
  • Ezell, M. (1996). Writing Women's Literary History. JHU Press.
  • EZELL, M. (2020). Epilogue. King, R. S. (Eds.), After Print: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Cultures. 310-320. University of Virginia Press.
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  • Ezell-Mainzer, M. (2020). The Letter of the Lord: Seventeenth-Century Sectarian Women, False Professors, and Re-thinking Literacy. Marotti, A. (Eds.), New Ways of Looking at Old Texts, VI: Papers of the Renaissance English Text Society 2011-2016. 311-320. ACMRS Press.
  • Ezell, M. (2019). Invisibility Optics. Phillippy, P. (Eds.), A History of Early Modern Women's Writing. 27-45. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Margaret J. M. Ezell, .. (2019). Renaissance Englishwomen as Writers, Readers, and Patrons. Berensmeyer, I. (Eds.), Handbook of English Renaissance Literature. 182-202. De Gruyter.
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  • Ezell, M. (2018). Afterword: Mapping Early Modern Women’s Literary History. Knight, L., White, M., & Sauer, E. (Eds.), Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain: Reading, Ownership, Circulation. 274-278. University of Michigan Press.
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