History of visual neuroscience & optics; neuroscience and art; history of anatomical illustrations;

Cross cultural transmission of scientific ideas with specific emphasis on the Greek & Arabic sources of the Renaissance and the 17th century; Impact of forced migration in the 20th c.

History of medicine, medical ethics and bioethics (eugenics).

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Academic Articles14
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  • Gamble, N., Holler, B., Thomson, S., Murata, S., Stahnisch, F. W., & Russell, G. (2019). Is the Writing on the Wall for Current Medical Oaths? A Brief Historical Review of Oath Taking at Medical Schools.. Med Sci Educ. 29(2), 603-607.
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  • Stahnisch, F. W., & Russell, G. (2016). New perspectives on forced migration in the history of twentieth-century neuroscience.. J Hist Neurosci. 25(3), 219-226.
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  • Huddleston, S., & Russell, G. A. (2015). Richard Dadd: the patient, the artist, and the "face of madness".. J Hist Neurosci. 24(3), 213-228.
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  • Russell, G. A. (2017). A Variation on Forced Migration: Wilhelm Peters (Prussia via Britain to Turkey) and Muzafer Sherif (Turkey to the United States). Stahnisch, F. W., & Russell, G. A. (Eds.), Forced Migration in the History of 20th Century Neuroscience and Psychiatry New Perspectives. 95-122. Routledge.
  • Russell, G. A. (2010). Chapter 6: after Galen Late Antiquity and the Islamic world.. Handbook of Clinical Neurology. Handbook of Clinical Neurology. 61-77. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers2
  • Russell, G. A., Russell, M. I., & Steele-Russell, I. I. (2019). An Early Experimental Investigation of Central and Peripheral Vision by Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen). PERCEPTION. 48, 196-196.
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