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My research interests are in the remote sensing of clouds and precipitation and their application in studying the hydrologic cycle, energy budget, and climate change. Currently my focus is on combining data from multiple satellite sensors to investigate ITCZ deep convection and the role of shallow cumulus and stratocumulus clouds in the tropics and subtropics.

selected publications
Academic Articles21
  • Chang, K., Bowman, K. P., Siu, L. W., & Rapp, A. D (2021). Convective forcing of the North American Monsoon Anticyclone at intraseasonal and interannual time scales. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 78(9), 2941-2956.
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  • Smalley, K. M., & Rapp, A. D (2021). The impact of rain rate, raining patch size, and spacing on southeastern Pacific cloud fraction transitions. Environmental Research Communications. 3(5), 051001-051001.
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  • Smalley, K. M., & Rapp, A. D (2021). A-Train estimates of the sensitivity of the cloud-to-rainwater ratio to cloud size, relative humidity, and aerosols. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 21(4), 2765-2779.
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  • Wodzicki, K. R., & Rapp, A. D (2020). Variations in Precipitating Convective Feature Populations with ITCZ Width in the Pacific Ocean. Journal of Climate. 33(10), 4391-4401.
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  • Smalley, K. M., & Rapp, A. D (2020). The Role of Cloud Size and Environmental Moisture in Shallow Cumulus Precipitation. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 59(3), 535-550.
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Conference Papers2
  • Rapp, A. D., Doelling, D. R., Khaiyer, M. M., Minnis, P., Smith, W. L., Nguyen, L., AMS, .., & AMS (2002). Analysis of solar absorption derived from ARM surface and satellite measurements. 11TH CONFERENCE ON ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION. 43-46.
  • Smith, W. L., Minnis, P., Bernstein, B. C., Rapp, A. D., Heck, P. W., AMS, .., & AMS (2002). Supercooled liquid water cloud properties derived from goes: Comparisons with in-situ aircraft measurements. 10TH CONFERENCE ON AVIATION, RANGE, AND AEROSPACE METEOROLOGY. 89-92.
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