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As a member of the First Year Program faculty I teach general chemistry to science and engineering students. My courses emphasize the relevance of chemistry by highlighting current chemical research. I also place a heavy focus on learning the problem solving skills that are required of all scientists. In addition to teaching in the classroom I have developed the second semester general chemistry laboratory curriculum that focuses on the chemistry of the Texas Environment. My research interests are related to solid state chemistry. In the past I have studied materials with interesting magnetic, electronic and optical properties. I hope to be involved in incorporating more solid state chemistry and materials science into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

selected publications
Academic Articles6
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  • Halasyamani, P. S., Goodey, J., Ok, K. M., Porter, Y., & Broussard, J (2002). Structure-property relationships in new second-harmonic generating (SHG) oxides.. 224, U684-U684.
  • Goodey, J., Broussard, J., & Halasyamani, P. S. (2002). Synthesis, Structure, and Characterization of a New Second-Harmonic-Generating Tellurite: Na2TeW2O9. Chemistry of Materials. (7),
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  • Goodey, J., Mao, J., & Guloy, A. M. (2000). Ba2NiSi3: A One-Dimensional Solid-State Metallocene Analog. Journal of the American Chemical Society. (42), 10479.
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  • DeFotis, G. C., Coker, G. S., Jones, J. W., Branch, C. S., King, H. A., Bergman, J. S., Lee, S., & Goodey, J. R. (1998). Static magnetic properties and relaxation of the insulating spin glassCo1xMnxCl2H2O. Physical Review B. (18),
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Conference Papers3
  • Goodey, J., Min Ok, K., Broussard, J., Hofmann, C., Escobedo, F. V., & Halasyamani, P. S (2003). Syntheses, structures, and second-harmonic generating properties in new quaternary tellurites: A2TeW3O12 (A=K, Rb, or Cs). Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 175(1), 3-12.
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  • Halasyamani, P. S., Ok, K. M., & Goodey, J (2003). Synthesis, characterization, and structure-property relationships of new second-harmonic generating oxides.. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 226, U717-U717.
  • DeFotis, G. C., Goodey, J. R., Narducci, A. A., & Welch, M. H. (1996). NiBr23H2O, a lower dimensional antiferromagnet. Journal of Applied Physics. 79(8), 4718-4718.
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