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My research broadly examines how people understand and communicate about health and illnesses and how such understanding and communication are enabled and constrained by social, political, cultural, and technological factors. My research is informed by the new paradigm of "big data" research, which marries the traditional interpretive and postpositive epistemologies to discover patterns of meanings and relationships in texts, videos, narratives, and social networks (interpretive epistemology) using scientific data processing methods developed in computer science and data science.

selected publications
Academic Articles49
  • Zeid, N., & Tang, L. u. (2022). Egyptian Newspapers Coverage of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Theoretically Driven Content Analysis.. J Health Commun. 27(10), 727-736.
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  • Meadows, C. Z., Tang, L. u., & Zou, W. (2022). Managing government legitimacy during the COVID-19 pandemic in China: a semantic network analysis of state-run media Sina Weibo posts. Chinese Journal of Communication. 15(2), 156-181.
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  • Khan, T., & Tang, L. (2022). Sensemaking during a pandemic: A semantic network analysis of COVID-19 and vaccine-related discussion on Reddit. Texas Speech Communication Journal. 46, 63-79.
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  • Zou, W., Tang, L. u., & Bie, B. (2022). The stigmatization of suicide: A study of stories told by college students in China.. Death Stud. 46(9), 2035-2045.
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  • Shan, Z., & Tang, L. u. (2017). Social Media and the Public Sphere in China. Handbook of Research on Citizen Engagement and Public Participation in the Era of New Media. 410-425. IGI Global.
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  • Tang, L. u., & Li, H. (2014). Communication studies of corporate social responsibility. Hong, J. (Eds.), New trends in communication research. 291-307.
  • Li, H., & Tang, L. u. (2014). Trends in public diplomacy research. Hong, J. (Eds.), New trends in communication research. 85-104.
  • Stuart Baker, J., & Tang, L. u. (2013). Google's Dilemma in China. Case Studies in Organizational Communication: Ethical Perspectives and Practices. 285-294. Sage Publications, Inc..
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  • Zhu, A., Amith, M., Tang, L. u., Cunningham, R., Xu, A., Boom, J. A., & Tao, C. Experimenting with a Prototype Interactive Narrative Game to Improve Knowledge and Beliefs for the HPV Vaccine.. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. HCI International 2021 - Late Breaking Papers: HCI Applications in Health, Transport, and Industry. 186-201. Springer Nature.
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Repository Documents / Preprints4
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  • Tang, L. u., Fujimoto, K., Amith, M. T., Cunningham, R., Costantini, R. A., York, F., ... Tao, C. (2020). Down the Rabbit Hole of Vaccine Misinformation on YouTube: Network Exposure Study (Preprint).
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  • Amith, M., Lin, R., Cunningham, R., Wu, Q. L., Savas, L. S., Gong, Y., ... Tao, C. Examining Potential Usability and Health Beliefs Among Young Adults Using a Conversational Agent for HPV Vaccine Counseling.
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