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Academic Articles60
  • Asioli, D., Bazzani, C., & Nayga, R. (2022). Are consumers willing to pay for in-vitro meat? An investigation of naming effects. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. (2), 356-375.
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  • Bolos, L. A., Lagerkvist, C., Edenbrant, A. K., & Nayga, R. M. (2022). Consumer preferences for visually sub-optimal food: Role of information framing and personal goals. RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING. 184, 106426-106426.
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  • McCallum, C. S., Cerroni, S., Derbyshire, D., Hutchinson, W. G., & Nayga, R. (2022). Consumers' responses to food fraud risks: an economic experiment. EUROPEAN REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. 49(4), 942-969.
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  • Asioli, D., Banovic, M., Barone, A. M., Grasso, S., & Nayga, R. (2022). European consumers' valuation for hybrid meat: Does information matter?. APPLIED ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES AND POLICY.
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  • McIntosh, W. A., Dean, W., Torres, C. C., Anding, J., Kubena, K. S., & Nayga, R. (2009). The American family meal. MEALS IN SCIENCE AND PRACTICE. 190-218. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers7
  • Campbell, B. L., Park, J. L., Nayga, R. M., & Silva, A. (2008). "Effect of School Food Director's Satisfaction on Fruit and Vegetable Program Usage.". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 33(3), 500-501.
  • Nayga, R. (2008). Nutrition, obesity and health: policies and economic research challenges. EUROPEAN REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. 35(3), 281-302.
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  • Loureiro, M. L., & Nayga, R. (2005). International dimensions of obesity and overweight related problems: An economics perspective. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 87, No 5, Proceedings. 87(5), 1147-1153.
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  • Nayga, R., Kaufman, P., & Andrews, M. (1998). Food access in the inner cities and low-income rural areas.. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. 80(5), 1165-1165.
  • Nayga, R. (1997). A note on the impact of sociodemographic factors on obesity.. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. 79(5), 1713-1713.
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