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I have research interests in many areas of applied and computational mathematics:

control theory for partial differential equations (PDEs), boundary element

methods and numerical solutions of PDEs, engineering mechanics, chaotic dynamics,

quantum computation, chemical physics and quantum mechanics.

selected publications
Academic Articles141
  • Chen, G., & Huang, Y. u. (2011). Chaotic Maps Dynamics, Fractals, and Rapid Fluctuations. Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
  • Chen, G., & Zhou, J. (2010). BOUNDARY ELEMENT METHODS WITH APPLICATIONS TO NONLINEAR PROBLEMS 2nd edition. Springer Science & Business Media.
  • Chen, G., Kauffman, L., & Lomonaco, S. J. (2007). Mathematics of quantum computation and quantum technology. CRC Press.
  • Chen, G., Kauffman, L., & Lomonaco, S. J. (2007). Preface.
  • Chen, G., Church, D. A., Englert, B., Henkel, C., Rohwedder, B., Scully, M. O., & Zubairy, M. S. (2006). Quantum Computing Devices Principles, Designs, and Analysis. CRC Press.
Conference Papers17
  • Crosta, G. F., & Chen, G. (2016). The Algebra of the Ideal Doubly-Fed Induction Generator. 1-2.
    doi badge 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Crosta, G. F., & Chen, G. (2015). Axiomatics of the blondel-park transformation. Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium. 2015-January, 1510-1512.
  • Chen, G., Ramakrishna, V., & Zhang, Z. (2011). A Unified Approach to Universality for Three Distinct Types of 2-qubit Quantum Computing Devices. MATHEMATICAL STUDIES ON HUMAN DISEASE DYNAMICS: EMERGING PARADIGMS AND CHALLENGES. 536, 17-+.
  • Feng, Z., Chen, G., & Meng, Q. (2010). A reaction–diffusion equation and its traveling wave solutions. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics. 45(6), 634-639.
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  • Chen, G., Yao, P., Yong, J., Zhang, B., & Zhang, X. u. (2010). Foreword. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B. 14(4), i-i.
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