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Professor and Extension Specialist

Dr. Knutson develops educational materials and programs on integrated pest management (IPM) of insect pests of cotton, wheat, sorghum, pecans, corn and other crops and supports county extension agents with educational programs in IPM. He serves as statewide coordinator for biological control programs for Extension entomology faculty; develops cooperative programs on biological control and educational materials.

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Academic Articles66
  • Gerrish, B. J., Neely, C. B., Ibrahim, A., & Knutson, A. (2021). Evaluation of Barley (Hordeum vulgare) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum) for Resistance to Hessian Fly, Mayetiola destructor, in a Controlled Environment. Southwestern Entomologist. 46(4), 825-832.
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  • Elliott, N., Giles, K., Brewer, M., Szczepaniec, A., Knutson, A., Michaud, J. P., ... Grant, W. (2021). Recruitment of Natural Enemies of the Invasive Sugarcane Aphid Vary Spatially and Temporally in Sorghum Fields in the Southern Great Plains of the USA. Southwestern Entomologist. 46(2), 357-372.
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  • Lindenmayer, J. C., Payton, M., Giles, K. L., Elliott, N. C., Knutson, A. E., Bowling, R., ... Royer, T. A. (2021). Evaluation of Two-Leaf Sampling Units to Estimate Sugarcane Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Economic Thresholds in Commercial Grain Sorghum.. J Econ Entomol. 114(1), 481-485.
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  • Lindenmayer, J. C., Giles, K. L., Elliott, N. C., Knutson, A. E., Bowling, R., Brewer, M. J., ... Royer, T. A. (2020). Development of Binomial Sequential Sampling Plans for Sugarcane Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Commercial Grain Sorghum.. J Econ Entomol. 113(4), 1990-1998.
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  • Koralewski, T. E., Wang, H., Grant, W. E., Brewer, M. J., Elliott, N. C., Westbrook, J. K., ... Michaud, J. P. (2020). Integrating Models of Atmospheric Dispersion and Crop-Pest Dynamics: Linking Detection of Local Aphid Infestations to Forecasts of Region-Wide Invasion of Cereal Crops. Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 113(2), 79-87.
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  • Carruthers, R. I., Jack Deloach, C., Herr, J. C., Anderson, G. L., & Knutson, A. E. (2008). Salt cedar areawide pest management in the western USA.. Areawide pest management: theory and implementation. 271-299. CABI.
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  • DeLoach, C. J., Moran, P. J., Knutson, A. E., Thompson, D. C., Carruthers, R. I., Michels, J., ... Sanabria, J. (2008). Beginning success of biological control of saltcedars ( Tamarix spp.) in the southwestern USA.. Proceedings of the XII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, La Grande Motte, France, 22-27 April, 2007. 535-539. CAB International.
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  • Knutson, A. E. (2005). Taking the university to the people : The changing role of extension entomology. Entomology at the Land Grant University: Perspectives from the Texas A&M University Department Centenary. 80-91.
Conference Papers7
  • Knutson, A. (2014). Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Society of Southwestern Entomologists. Southwestern Entomologist. 39(2), 384-385.
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  • Knutson, A. (2010). Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Southwestern Entomologists. Southwestern Entomologist. 35(2), 205-205.
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  • Mulder, P. G., Reid, W., Grantham, R. A., Landgraf, S., Taliaferro, L., Payton, M. E., & Knutson, A. (2003). Evaluations of trap designs and a pheromone formulation used for monitoring pecan weevil, Curculio caryae. Southwestern Entomologist. (SUPPL. 27), 85-99.
  • Harris, M., Knutson, A., Calixto, A., Dean, A., Brooks, L., & Ree, B. (2003). Impact of red imported fire ant on foliar herbivores and natural enemies. Southwestern Entomologist. (SUPPL. 27), 123-134.
  • Stevenson, D. E., Knutson, A. E., Ree, W., Jackman, J. A., Dean, A., Matis, J. H., ... Harris, M. K. (2003). Pecan nut casebearer pheromone monitoring and degree-day model validation across the pecan belt. SOUTHWESTERN ENTOMOLOGIST. (SUPPL. 27), 57-73.
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