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I have research interests in algorithmic and information-theoretic aspects of networking, network coding and its applications in communication networks, and QoS routing for unicast and multicast.

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Academic Articles51
  • Medard, M., & Sprintson, A. (2012). Network Coding. Elsevier.
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  • Sprintson, A., & Orda, A. (2016). Algorithms for finding disjoint paths with QoS constraints. Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms. (pp. 1063-1074). Chapman and Hall/CRC.
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  • Médard, M., & Sprintson, A. (2012). Preface. Network Coding. (pp. xiii-xv). Elsevier.
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  • Sprintson, A. (2010). Network Coding and Its Applications in Communication Networks. Cormode, G., & Thottan, M. (Eds.), Algorithms for Next Generation Networks. (pp. 343-372). Springer London.
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Conference Papers72
  • Zhang, Y., Jyoti, S., Anderson, C. R., Michelusi, N., Love, D. J., Sprintson, A., & Krogmeier, J. V. (2019). Improving Millimeter-Wave Channel Models for Suburban Environments with Site-Specific Geometric Features. APPLIED COMPUTATIONAL ELECTROMAGNETICS SOCIETY JOURNAL. 34(2), 375-378.
  • Shome, P., Modares, J., Mastronarde, N., & Sprintson, A. (2017). Enabling Dynamic Reconfigurability of SDRs Using SDN Principles. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. 184 LNICST, 369-381.
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  • Heidarzadeh, A., Yan, M., Sprintson, A., & IEEE, .. (2016). Cooperative Data Exchange with Priority Classes. 2014 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY (ISIT). 2016-August, 2324-2328.
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  • Heidarzadeh, A., Sprintson, A., & IEEE, .. (2016). Cooperative Data Exchange: A Coalition Game Perspective. 2019 57TH ANNUAL ALLERTON CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATION, CONTROL, AND COMPUTING (ALLERTON). 1005-1011.
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  • Yu, M., Sadeghi, P., Sprintson, A., & IEEE, .. (2016). Feedback-Assisted Random Linear Network Coding in Wireless Broadcast. 2010 IEEE GLOBECOM WORKSHOPS. 1-6.
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