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  • O'Hara, T. M., Hanns, C., Woshner, V. M., Zeh, J., Bratton, G., & Taylor, R. (2023). Essential and non-essential elements in the bowhead whale: epidermis-based predictions of blubber, kidney, liver and muscle tissue concentrations. IWC Journal of Cetacean Research and Management. 10(2), 107-117.
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  • Houde, M., Krmmel, E. M., Mustonen, T., Brammer, J., Brown, T. M., Chtelat, J., ... Whiting, A. (2022). Contributions and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples to the study of mercury in the Arctic.. Sci Total Environ. 841, 156566-156566.
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  • Rea, L. D., Castellini, J. M., Avery, J. P., Fadely, B. S., Burkanov, V. N., Rehberg, M. J., & O'Hara, T. M. (2022). Corrigendum to "Regional variations and drivers of mercury and selenium concentrations in Steller sea lions" [Sci. Total Environ. 744 (2020) 140787].. Sci Total Environ. 831, 154887-154887.
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  • Murillo-Cisneros, D. A., McHuron, E. A., Zenteno-Savn, T., Castellini, J. M., Field, C. L., & O'Hara, T. M. (2022). Fetal mercury concentrations in central California Pacific harbor seals: Associated drivers and outcomes.. Sci Total Environ. 820, 153246-153246.
  • Bar-Camarasa, I., Marmolejo-Rodrguez, A. J., O'Hara, T. M., Castellini, J. M., Murillo-Cisneros, D. A., Martnez-Rincn, R. O., Elorriaga-Verplancken, F. R., & Galvn-Magaa, F. (2022). Mercury maternal transfer in two placental sharks and a yolk-sac ray from Baja California Sur, Mexico.. Mar Pollut Bull. 179, 113672-113672.
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  • McHuron, E. A., Peterson, S. H., & OHara, T. M. (2018). Chapter 2 Feeding Ecology Tools to Assess Contaminant Exposure in Coastal Mammals. Marine Mammal Ecotoxicology. 39-74. Elsevier.
  • OHara, T., Kunito, T., Woshner, V., & Tanabe, S. (2011). Organic Contaminants in Marine Mammals. Environmental Contaminants in Biota. 349-375. Taylor & Francis.
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  • OHara, T., Kunito, T., Woshner, V., & Tanabe, S. (2011). Select Elements and Potential Adverse Effects in Cetaceans and Pinnipeds. Environmental Contaminants in Biota. 377-406. Taylor & Francis.
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  • Smith, P., Afzal, M., Al-Hasan, R., Bouwman, H., Castillo, L., Depledge, M., ... Godard-Codding, C. (2010). Global Perspectives on Wildlife Toxicology Emerging Issues. Wildlife Toxicology. 197-255. Taylor & Francis.
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Conference Papers1
  • Beltran-Valdivia, V., O'Hara, T., Gaxiola-Robles, R., & Zenteno-Savin, T. (2020). Validation of Nobuto Filter Paper for the Quantification of Health Indicators in Livestock. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE. 159, S77-S78.
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  • Rea, L. D., Ylitalo, G. M., Crawford, S. G., Taras, B. D., Fadely, B. S., Rehberg, M. J., & O'Hara, T. M. (2022). One Health, Spatial, and Cumulative Organochlorines and Mercury Exposure Assessment in Steller Sea Lions of Alaska: Emphasizing Pups.
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