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My research generally aligns at the intersection of technology integration, student use of technology, and social-emotional learning. First, I am interested in examining self-beliefs such as attitudes about technology, values beliefs about technology and similar self-perceptions such as self-efficacy more contextualized. In this research, I am curious how self beliefs influence whether and to what extent teachers integrate technology or students use technology. Second, my primary research interest is to explore how various self-efficacy beliefs influence mathematics achievement among the at-risk online charter high school populations. Although the link between at-risk factors and performance has been readily studied, understanding the unique contribution of self-efficacy and self-regulated learning among these students is still underdeveloped.

This research bridges across the K-12 student and teacher landscape, using primarily quantitative research methodologies.

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  • Hawk, N. A., Vongkulluksn, V. W., Xie, K., & Bowman, M. A. (2021). Cognitive tasks in the core content areas: Factors that influence students' technology use in high-school classrooms. JOURNAL OF COMPUTER ASSISTED LEARNING. (4), 1077-1090.
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  • Vongkulluksn, V. W., Xie, K., & Hawk, N. A. (2020). Investing Time in Technology: Teachers' Value Beliefs and Time Cost Profiles for Classroom Technology Integration. TEACHERS COLLEGE RECORD. (12), 1-38.
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  • Nelson, M. J., & Hawk, N. A. (2020). The impact of field experiences on prospective preservice teachers' technology integration beliefs and intentions. TEACHING AND TEACHER EDUCATION. 103006-103006.
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  • Hawk, N., Bartle, G., & Romine, M (2012). The Living Labs: Innovation in Real-Life Settings. Quarterly Review of Distance Education. 13(4), 225-231.
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  • Hawk, N. A., Bowman, M. A., & Xie, K. (2021). Theory-Based Intervention Framework to Improve Mathematics Teachers Motivation to Engage in Online Professional Development. Online Learning in Mathematics Education. 207-225. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Xie, K., & Hawk, N. (2017). Technologys role and place in student learning: What we have learned from research and theories. Cibulka, J. G., & Cooper, B. S. (Eds.), Technology in School Classrooms How It Can Transform Teaching and Student Learning Today. 1-17. Rowman & Littlefield.
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