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My research aims to further our understanding of structural systems through sensing, instrumentation/testing, and structural health monitoring.

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  • Yarnold, M. T., & Weidner, J. S. (2019). Truck Platoon Impacts on Steel Girder Bridges. Journal of Bridge Engineering. 24(7), 06019003-06019003.
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  • Murphy, B., Locum, J., Belser, M., Bhegani, K., & Yarnold, M. (2018). Dead Load Evaluation through Truss Bridge Deconstruction Monitoring. Journal of Bridge Engineering. 23(1), 04017115-04017115.
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  • Yarnold, M., Golecki, T., & Weidner, J. (2018). Identification of composite action through truck load testing. Frontiers in Built Environment. 4,
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  • Murphy, B., & Yarnold, M. (2018). Temperature-driven structural identification of a steel girder bridge with an integral abutment. Engineering Structures. 155, 209-221.
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  • James, E. D., & Yarnold, M. T. (2017). Rapid Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge: Case Study. Journal of Bridge Engineering. 22(12), 05017013-05017013.
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