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Senior Professor

My teaching and research expertise is in financial accounting.

selected publications
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  • Bachrach, D. G., Bendoly, E., Ammeter, D. B., Blackburn, R., Brown, K. G., Burke, G., ... Voss, D. (2017). On Academic Rankings, Unacceptable Methods, and the Social Obligations of Business Schools. DECISION SCIENCES. 48(3), 561-585.
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  • Wilkins, M. S., & Loudder, M. L. (2000). Articulation in cash flow statements: a resource for financial accounting courses. Journal of Accounting Education. 18(2), 115-126.
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  • Boatsman, J. R., Khurana, I. K., & Loudder, M. L (2000). The Economic Implications of Proposed Changes in the Accounting for Nuclear Decommissioning Costs. 14(2), 211-233.
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  • Wells, D. W., & Loudder, M. L (1997). The market effects of auditor resignations. 16(1), 138-144.
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