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Areas of Specialization: Pragmatism, Classical American Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Latin American Philosophy, Socio-political Theory.

Areas of Competence: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Technology, History of Philosophy.

selected publications
Academic Articles21
  • Pappas, G. F. (2021). American Philosophy: From Wounded Knee to the Present. TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHARLES S PEIRCE SOCIETY. 57(1), 130-137.
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  • Pappas, G. F. (2016). The Pragmatists' Approach to Injustice. PLURALIST. 11(1), 58-77.
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  • Pappas, G. F. (2016). John Dewey's Radical Logic: The Function of the Qualitative in Thinking. TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHARLES S PEIRCE SOCIETY. 52(3), 435-468.
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  • Pappas, G. F. (2011). Pragmatism in the Americas.
  • Pappas, G. F. (2015). BERNSTEIN ON THE NARRATIVE AND IDENTITY OF PRAGMATISM IN AMERICA. Confines of Democracy. 63-74. Brill Academic Publishers.
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  • Pappas, G. F. (2012). Why are hispanic philosophers marginalized in the American philosophical community?. Reframing the Practice of Philosophy: Bodies of Color, Bodies of Knowledge. 167-180.
  • Pappas, G. F. (2011). Dewey and Latina lesbians on the quest for purity. Pragmatism in the Americas. 262-273.
  • Pappas, G. F. (2011). Introduction. 1-15.
  • Pappas, G. F. (2011). The Latino character of American pragmatism. Pragmatism in the Americas. 170-184.
Conference Papers1
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