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My research focuses primarily on Articles 2 (Sales) and 9 (Secured Transactions) of the Uniform Commercial Code. Recently I've focused on concurrent movements to encourage developing nations to adopt modern secured transactions laws and to encourage Native American tribes and nations to adopt the Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act.

selected publications
Academic Articles19
  • Ku, C., Henning, W. H., Stewart, D. P., & Diehl, P. F (2019). Even Some International Law is Local: Implementation of Treaties through Subnational Mechanisms. Virginia Journal of International Law. 60(1), 105-158.
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  • Henning, W. H., Woodrow, S. M., & Dubovec, M (2018). A Proposal for a National Tribally Owned Lien Filing System to Support Access to Capital in Indian Country. Wyoming Law Review. 18(2), 475-502.
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  • Henning, W. H., & Freyermuth, R. W (2013). Article 9 and the Characterization and Treatment of Tenant Security Deposits. University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review. 35, 999-1030.
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  • Cohen, N. B., & Henning, W. H (2011). Freedom of Contract vs. Free Alienability: An Old Struggle Emerges in a New Context. Gonzaga Law Review. 46, 353-406.
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  • Henning, W. H., Lawrence, W. H., & Gabriel, H. D (2016). Understanding Sales and Leases of Goods. Carolina Academic Press.
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  • Lawrence, W. H., Henning, W. H., & Freyermuth, R. W (2012). Understanding Secured Transactions. Matthew Bender & Company, Inc..
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  • Del Duca, L. F., Guttman, E., Miller, F. H., Winship, P., & Henning, W. H (2002). Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code and International Commerce. Anderson Publishing Co..
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  • Henning, W. H., Lawrence, W. H., & Wallach, G. I. (1992). The Law of Sales Under the Uniform Commercial Code. Thomson West.
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  • Henning, W. H (2008). Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act. MTA-1-MTA-293. Thomson Reuters.
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