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  • Sargent, E., Wilkins, K., Phan, J., & Gaylord-Harden, N. (2022). Cognitive, Personality, and Demographic Factors: A Moderated Mediation of Chronic Violence Exposure and Violent Offending in Justice-Involved Youth. PSYCHOLOGY OF VIOLENCE. 12(6), 413-423.
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  • Phan, J., Harris, B., & Gaylord-Harden, N. K. (2022). Coping socialization in Black families: A latent profile analysis.. J Fam Psychol. 36(8), 1306-1317.
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  • Boxer, P., Brunson, R. K., Gaylord‐Harden, N., Kahn, K., Patton, D. U., Richardson, J., ... Algrim, K. (2021). Addressing the inappropriate use of force by police in the United States and beyond: A behavioral and social science perspective. Aggressive Behavior. 47(5), 502-512.
  • Woods-Jaeger, B., Briggs, E. C., Gaylord-Harden, N., Cho, B., & Lemon, E (2021). Translating cultural assets research into action to mitigate adverse childhood experience–related health disparities among African American youth.. American Psychologist. 76(2), 326-336.
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Gaylord Harden