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Dr. Ashley Arnold is a Research Assistant Professor in the meat science section of the Department of Animal Science. She was previously involved with the Meat Science program as a student and staff member. In her current role, Dr. Arnold conducts research, manages projects, finalizes reports, presents data at professional meetings, writes manuscripts, and assists other faculty members in securing external funding for meat science and food safety research by way of writing grants.

Additionally, Dr. Arnold serves as Safety Officer for the Department of Animal Science. In this important capacity, she is a liaison with Environmental Health and Safety, coordinates chemical inventory, manages hazardous material reporting, facilitates required laboratory and other inspections, and serves as a resource for faculty and staff. As Safety Officer, she works with the Associate Head for Operations to develop consistent policies, ensuring laboratory safety and compliance with reporting requirements for faculty.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
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  • Steele, C. C., Arnold, A. N., Gehring, K. B., Griffin, D. B., & Savell, J. W. (2020). Sorting beef subprimals by ribeye area size at the packer level to optimize utility and product uniformity in foodservice and retail.. Transl Anim Sci. 4(3), txaa107.
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  • Nickelson, K. J., Taylor, T. M., Griffin, D. B., Savell, J. W., Gehring, K. B., & Arnold, A. N. (2019). Assessment of Salmonella Prevalence in Lymph Nodes of U.S. and Mexican Cattle Presented for Slaughter in Texas.. J Food Prot. 82(2), 310-315.
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  • Kirkpatrick, R. R., Arnold, A. N., Cross, H. R., Savell, J. W., & Gehring, K. B. (2019). Survey of Quality Attributes of Beef from Farmers Market Vendors. JOURNAL OF FOOD QUALITY. 2019, 1-9.
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  • Bessire, B. C., Thomas, M., Gehring, K. B., Savell, J. W., Griffin, D. B., Taylor, T. M., ... Scaria, J. (2018). National survey of Salmonella prevalence in lymph nodes of sows and market hogs.. Transl Anim Sci. 2(4), 365-371.
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