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  • Liu, G., He, L., Fan, Z., He, Y., Wu, Z., & Wang, Z. (2021). Investigation of gas solubility and its effects on natural gas reserve and production in tight formations. Fuel. 295, 120507-120507.
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  • Chai, D. i., Fan, Z., & Li, X. (2019). A New Unified Gas-Transport Model for Gas Flow in Nanoscale Porous Media. SPE Journal. 24(02), 698-719.
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  • Yang, G., Fan, Z., & Li, X. (2019). Determination of confined fluid phase behavior using extended Peng-Robinson equation of state. Chemical Engineering Journal. 378, 122032-122032.
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  • Fan, Z., Yang, D., Chai, D. i., & Li, X. (2019). Estimation of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure for PUNQ-S3 Model Using a Modified Iterative Ensemble Smoother. Journal of Energy Resources Technology. 141(2),
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  • Chai, D. i., Yang, G., Fan, Z., & Li, X. (2019). Gas transport in shale matrix coupling multilayer adsorption and pore confinement effect. Chemical Engineering Journal. 370, 1534-1549.
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