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  • O'Reilly, C., Zoller, J., Sigler, D., Vogelsang, M., Sawyer, J., & Fluckey, J. (2021). Rider Energy Expenditure During High Intensity Horse Activity.. J Equine Vet Sci. 102, 103463-103463.
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  • Huseman, C. J., Sigler, D. H., Welsh, T. H., Suva, L. J., Vogelsang, M. M., Dominguez, B. J., Huggins, S., & Paulk, C. (2019). Skeletal response to whole body vibration and dietary calcium and phosphorus in growing pigs.. J Anim Sci. 97(8), 3369-3378.
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  • Valdez, R., Cavinder, C. A., Varner, D. D., Welsh, T. H., Vogelsang, M. M., & Ing, N. H. (2019). Dexamethasone downregulates expression of several genes encoding orphan nuclear receptors that are important to steroidogenesis in stallion testes.. J Biochem Mol Toxicol. 33(6), e22309.
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  • Hunt, C. L., Leatherwood, J. L., Coverdale, J. A., Sigler, D. L., Vogelsang, M. M., & Arnold, C. E. (2019). Effects of repeated arthrocentesis on systemic cytokine expression and leukocyte population in young horses challenged with intra-articular lipopolysaccharide.. J Anim Sci. 97(1), 184-191.
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