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  • Li, H., Luo, W., Baek, E., Thompson, C. G., & Lam, K. H. (2022). Estimation and statistical inferences of variance components in the analysis of single-case experimental design using multilevel modeling.. Behav Res Methods. (4), 1559-1579.
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  • Wattanawongwan, S., Ganz, J. B., Hong, E. R., Dunn, C., Yllades, V., Pierson, L. M., Baek, E., & Foster, M. (2022). Interventions for Improving Social-Communication Skills for Adolescents and Adults with ASD: a Meta-analysis. REVIEW JOURNAL OF AUTISM AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS. 1-15.
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  • Baek, E., Luo, W., & Henri, M. (2022). Issues and solutions in meta-analysis of single-case design with multiple dependent variables using multilevel modeling. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL EDUCATION. (4), 934-961.
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  • Baek, E., & Ferron, J. M. (2021). Bayesian Analysis for Multiple-baseline Studies Where the Variance Differs across Cases in OpenBUGS.. Dev Neurorehabil. 24(2), 130-143.
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  • Luo, W., Baek, E., & Li, H. (2022). Transparency and Replicability of Multilevel Modeling Applications: A Guideline for Improved Reporting Practices. Methodology for Multilevel Modeling in Educational Research. 161-183. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers2
  • Baek, E. (2019). A Systematic Review of Meta-Analyzing Single-Case Data Using Multilevel Modeling. Proceedings of the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting, 2019 AERA Annual Meeting.
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  • Baek, E. (2019). Meta-Analysis of Single-Case Design Using Multilevel Modeling: Modeling Between-Outcomes Variation in Autocorrelation. Proceedings of the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting, 2019 AERA Annual Meeting.
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