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Clinical Assistant Professor

My main interests are in respiratory physiology and pathophysiology with a focus on inflammatory airway diseases and lung regeneration post insult, and biomarkers of athletic performance in horses.

selected publications
Academic Articles2
  • Miranda, S., De Mello Costa, M. F., Jeunon Senna, J., Frapoint, J. C., De Alencar, N. X., & Barroso Lessa, D. A. (2018). EFFECTS OF BREED/SPECIES AND GENDER ON PLATELET CONCENTRATION IN AUTOLOGOUS PLATELET RICH PLASMA. ACTA VETERINARIA-BEOGRAD. 68(4), 474-483.
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  • Sad, E. P., de Alencar, N. X., Viscardi, V., de Mello Costa, M. F., Hess, T. M., & Barroso Lessa, D. A. (2013). Cytology profile and age influence in the equine bronchoalveolar lavage in healthy and asymptomatic inflammatory airway disease. CIENCIA RURAL. 43(3), 452-455.
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Maria Fernanda
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De Mello Costa