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Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Law, Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

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Academic Articles31
  • Radzik, L. (2021). Recognizing Wrongs. ETHICS. 131(3), 610-614.
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  • Radzik, L (2019). Gardner on Corrective Justice Comment on From Personal Life to Private Law. Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies. 19(1), 21-33.
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  • Radzik, L. (2017). Desert of What? On Murphy's Reluctant Retributivism. CRIMINAL LAW AND PHILOSOPHY. 11(1), 161-173.
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  • Radzik, L. (2016). Gossip and Social Punishment. Res Philosophica. 93(1), 185-204.
  • Radzik, L., & Murphy, C (2015). Reconciliation.
  • Radzik, L., Bennett, C., Pettigrove, G., & Sher, G (2020). The Ethics of Social Punishment The Enforcement of Morality in Everyday Life. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Radzik, L. (2011). Making Amends Atonement in Morality, Law, and Politics. Oxford University Press.
  • Radzik, L. (2020). Bystanders and Shared Responsibility. Bazargan-Forward, S., & Tollefsen, D. (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Collective Responsibility. 313-326. Taylor & Francis.
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  • Radzik, L. (2013). Atonement. International Encyclopedia of Ethics. Wiley.
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  • Murphy, C., & Radzik, L. (2013). Jus Post Bellum and Political Reconciliation. JUS POST BELLUM AND TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE. 305-325.
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