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My research interests include capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, private equity & venture capital, financial institutions, financial market regulation, securities lending and short selling.

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  • Driver, J., Kolasinski, A. C., & Stanfield, J. R. (2020). R&D or R vs. D? Firm Innovation Strategy and Equity Ownership.
  • Kolasinski, A. C., & Yang, N. (2020). When Myopic Managers Must Mark to Market.
  • Ao, M., Bao, J., & Kolasinski, A. C. (2019). How Does Lender Health Affect Covenant-Violating Borrowers?. (3413860),
  • Johnson, S. A., Kolasinski, A. C., & Nordlund, J. (2018). CEO Narcissism, Human Capital, and Firm Value. (3209882),
  • Kolasinski, A. C., & Yang, N. (2018). Managerial myopia and the mortgage meltdown. Journal of Financial Economics. 128(3), 466-485.
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