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Dr. Akleman's research focuses on causal relations in economics and sciences.

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Academic Articles2
  • Gomez, J. P., Akleman, D., Akleman, E., & Pavlidis, I. (2018). Causality Effects of Interventions and Stressors on Driving Behaviors under Typical Conditions. MATHEMATICS. 6(8), 139/1-15.
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  • Bessler, D. A., & Akleman, D. G. (1998). Farm Prices, Retail Prices, and Directed Graphs: Results for Pork and Beef. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 80(5), 1144-1149.
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  • Akleman, D. G., Bessler, D. A., & Burton, D. M. (1999). Modeling corn exports and exchange rates with directed graphs and statistical loss functions. Cooper, G. F., & Glymour, C. (Eds.), Computation, Causation, and Discovery. 497-520. AAAI Press.
  • Yamauchi, T. A Theoretical Framework to Represent Narrative Structures for Visual Storytelling. Proceedings of Bridges 2015: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture.
Conference Papers1
  • Akleman, E., Akleman, D., Pavlidis, I., & Buddharaju, P. (2017). Obtaining Four Main Animation Cycles Using an Extremely Limited Set of Poses. Proceedings of Bridges 2017: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, Culture, 20th Annual Bridges Conference. 479-482.
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