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My laboratory is broadly interested in elucidation of structural organization of amyloid oligomers using Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS).

The ultimate objective of our studies is to unravel structural elements on surfaces of amyloid oligomers that are responsible for their toxicity and propensity to propagate into amyloid fibrils. These findings will help to guide pharmaceutical drug screening efforts towards finding selective blockaders of amyloid fibrillation at the stage where their aggregates are minimally toxic. Finally, resolving the structure of amyloid oligomers will give an inside how to cure Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and dementia.

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Academic Articles53
  • Morey, R., Ermolenkov, A., Payne, W. Z., Scheuring, D. C., Koym, J. W., Vales, M. I., & Kurouski, D. (2020). Non-invasive identification of potato varieties and prediction of the origin of tuber cultivation using spatially offset Raman spectroscopy.. Anal Bioanal Chem. 412(19), 4585-4594.
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  • Farber, C., Sanchez, L., Rizevsky, S., Ermolenkov, A., McCutchen, B., Cason, J., ... Kurouski, D. (2020). Raman Spectroscopy Enables Non-Invasive Identification of Peanut Genotypes and Value-Added Traits.. Sci Rep. 10(1), 7730.
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  • Sanchez, L., Ermolenkov, A., Tang, X., Tamborindeguy, C., & Kurouski, D. (2020). Non-invasive diagnostics of Liberibacter disease on tomatoes using a hand-held Raman spectrometer.. Planta. 251(3), 64.
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  • Farber, C., Shires, M., Ong, K., Byrne, D., & Kurouski, D. (2019). Raman spectroscopy as an early detection tool for rose rosette infection.. Planta. 250(4), 1247-1254.
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  • Esparza, I., Wang, R., & Kurouski, D. (2019). Surface-Enhanced Raman Analysis of Underlaying Colorants on Redyed Hair.. Anal Chem. 91(11), 7313-7318.
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Conference Papers2
  • Bhat, V., Olenick, M. B., Schuchardt, B. J., Mikles, D. C., Deegan, B. J., McDonald, C. B., ... Farooq, A. (2013). Heat-induced fibrillation of BclXL apoptotic repressor.. Biophys Chem. 179, 12-25.
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  • Lednev, I. K., Kurouski, D., Lauro, W., Champion, P. M., & Ziegler, L. D. (2010). Amyloid Fibrils are Alive as Evident from Deep UV Raman Spectroscopic Examination: an Instrumentation Driven Discovery. AIP Conference Proceedings, XXII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY. 1267(1), 172-173.
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