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My research emphasis is to create cotton cultivars and germplasm with high-yield potential, excellent drought tolerance and resistance to insects endemic to Texas. I make active use of a wide array of cotton germplasm including exotic upland and interspecific lines. My cotton testing region includes Central and South Texas, as well as the Rolling Plains.

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  • (2019). Genetic improvement in cotton fiber elongation can impact yarn quality. Industrial Crops and Products. 129, 1-9.
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  • Smith, C. W., Hequet, E. F., Hague, S., & Jones, D (2018). Elite Fiber Quality Germplasm Lines of Upland Cotton: TAM 11K‐13 ELSU, TAM 11T‐08 ELSU‐ESU, and TAM 11L‐24 LSU. Journal of Plant Registrations. 12(1), 112-117.
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  • Smith, C. W., Hague, S., Hequet, E., & Jones, D. C (2018). Registration of ‘Tamcot G11’ Upland Cotton Cultivar. Journal of Plant Registrations. 12(1), 7-12.
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  • Kothari, N., Hague, S., Hinze, L., & Dever, J. (2017). Boll sampling protocols and their impact on measurements of cotton fiber quality. Industrial Crops and Products. 109, 248-254.
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  • Hinze, L. L., Hulse-Kemp, A. M., Wilson, I. W., Zhu, Q., Llewellyn, D. J., Taylor, J. M., ... Stelly, D. M (2017). Diversity analysis of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) germplasm using the CottonSNP63K Array.. BMC Plant Biol. 17(1), 37.
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Texas A&M University; Soil & Crop Science; 2474 TAMU
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