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  • Zhu, Y., Medina-Cetina, Z., & Pineda-Contreras, A. R. (2022). Spatio-Temporal Statistical Characterization of Boundary Kinematic Phenomena of Triaxial Sand Specimens. Materials. 15(6), 2189-2189.
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  • Medina-Cetina, Z., Yousefpour, N., & Briaud, J. (2020). Probabilistic Evaluation of Unknown Foundations for Scour Susceptible Bridges. Journal of Bridge Engineering. 25(10), 04020074-04020074.
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  • Fox, W. E., Medina-Cetina, Z., Angerer, J., Varela, P., & Ryang Chung, J. i. (2017). Water Quality & natural resource management on military training lands in Central Texas: Improved decision support via Bayesian Networks. Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology. 9-10, 39-52.
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  • Medina-Cetina, Z., Eidsvig, U. M., Kveldsvik, V., Glimsdal, S., Harbitz, C. B., & Sandersen, F. (2016). Bayesian Risk Assessment of a Tsunamigenic Rockslide at knes. Multi-hazard Approaches to Civil Infrastructure Engineering. 413-442. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers19
  • Medina-Cetina, Z., Son, J., & Moradi, M. (2019). Bayesian stratigraphy integration of geophysical, geological, and geotechnical surveys data. Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference. 2019-May,
  • Das, R., Varela, P., & Medina-Cetina, Z. (2019). The effect of Bayesian updating in the hazard assessment of submarine landslides. Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference. 2019-May,
  • Zhu, Y., Cong, L. u., Hu, X., & Medina-Cetina, Z. (2017). Probabilistic Calibration of a Modified Van der Poel Model Representing the Viscoelastic Behavior of Sandstone. Geo-Risk 2017, Geo-Risk 2017. (285), 69-80.
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  • Gonzalez, P. V., & Medina-Cetina, Z. (2017). Risk Assessment for Landslides Using Bayesian Networks and Remote Sensing Data. Geo-Risk 2017, Geo-Risk 2017. (285), 113-123.
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  • Moridis, N., Soltanpour, Y., Medina-Cetina, Z., Lee, W. J., & Blasingame, T. A. (2017). A Production Characterization of the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas - A Bayesian Analysis Approach. Day 1 Wed, May 17, 2017, SPE Latin America and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference.
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