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My research interests include: critical teacher education, transformative/servant leadership, service learning/community education, ethnography, gifted education, culture + curriculum, and STEM education for underserved learners.

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Academic Articles10
  • Hill-Jackson, V., Ladson-Billings, G., & Craig, C. J. (2022). Teacher Education and “Climate Change”: In Navigating Multiple Pandemics, Is the Field Forever Altered?. Journal of Teacher Education. 73(1), 5-7.
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  • Hill-Jackson, V. (2020). Special emphasis recruiting: Intentional recruitment of Black women to the teaching profession. Theory Into Practice. 59(4), 429-440.
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  • Farinde-Wu, A., Allen-Handy, A., & Hill-Jackson, V. (2020). This Issue. Theory Into Practice. 59(4), 333-336.
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  • Liao, L., Larke, P., & Hill-Jackson, V. (2017). Bridging Two Worlds: Experiences of Chinese and Taiwanese Americans Attending Chinese Heritage Schools in Houston. Heritage Language Journal. 14(2), 171-188.
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  • Liao, L., Larke, P. J., & Hill-Jackson, V. (2011). Chinese Papermaking: A Multicultural and Environmental Education Strategy for Pre-K Teachers. Journal of Praxis in Multicultural Education. 6(1),
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  • Eslami, Z. R., Hill-Jackson, V., Kurteš, S., & Asadi, L. (2019). Telecollaboration Among Qatari and US Undergraduates in a Multicultural Course: Opportunities and Obstacles. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching. 263-282. Springer International Publishing.
  • Hill-Jackson, V. (2017). ...And Then There Were None: Reversing the Exodus of Black Women from the Teaching Profession. Black Female Teachers. 9-48. Emerald Publishing Limited.
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  • Watson, R. E., & Hill-Jackson, V. L. (2015). No Principal Left Behind?: The Core Beliefs of Nine Urban Elementary Principals in a Midwest School District Implementing No Child Left Behind. Stafford, D., & Hill-Jackson, V. (Eds.), Better Principals, Better Schools What Star Principals Know, Believe, and Do. 15-35. IAP.
  • Hill-Jackson, V. L., & Stafford, D. (2015). The Case for Selecting Better Principals. Stafford, D., & Hill-Jackson, V. (Eds.), Better Principals, Better Schools What Star Principals Know, Believe, and Do. 63-79. IAP.
Internet Publications1
  • Hill-Jackson, V. (2019). Jessie Simmons: How a schoolteacher became an unsung hero of the civil rights movement. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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