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Academic Articles10
  • Shapland, C. Y., Verhoef, E., Davey Smith, G., Fisher, S. E., Verhulst, B., Dale, P. S., & St Pourcain, B (2021). Multivariate genome-wide covariance analyses of literacy, language and working memory skills reveal distinct etiologies. npj Science of Learning. 6(1), 23.
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  • Hettema, J., Mattheisen, M., Strom, N. I., Cheesman, R., Purves, K., Verhulst, B., ... Eley, T (2021). 65. UPDATED GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION STUDY FROM THE PGC ANXIETY DISORDERS WORKING GROUP. European Neuropsychopharmacology. 51, e76-e76.
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  • Verhulst, B., Clark, S. L., Chen, J., Maes, H. H., Chen, X., & Neale, M. C (2021). Clarifying the Genetic Influences on Nicotine Dependence and Quantity of Use in Cigarette Smokers. Behavior Genetics. 51(4), 375-384.
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  • Verhulst, B., & Neale, M. C (2021). Best Practices for Binary and Ordinal Data Analyses. Behavior Genetics. 51(3), 204-214.
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  • Pritikin, J. N., Neale, M. C., Prom-Wormley, E. C., Clark, S. L., & Verhulst, B (2021). GW-SEM 2.0: Efficient, Flexible, and Accessible Multivariate GWAS. Behavior Genetics. 51(3), 343-357.
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Conference Papers3
  • Hettema, J. J., Mattheisen, M., Cheesman, R., Strom, N., Purves, K., Verhulst, B., ... Deckert, J (2021). "Hot" new data from the PGC Anxiety Disorders Working Group. JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION. 128(11), 1809-1810.
  • St Pourcain, B., Verhoef, E., Smith, G. D., Fisher, S. E., Verhulst, B., Dale, P. S., & Shapland, C. Y (2020). The multivariate genetic architecture of languageand literacy-related abilities. BEHAVIOR GENETICS. 50(6), 481-481.
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