My work focuses on understanding the sources of disparities in pain, and the specific mechanisms by which social and cultural factors alter pain experience and pain physiology. My research targets the problem of pain disparities from two directions - investigating the different ways social factors may influence one's own pain, and also alter pain perception and empathy for others. To tackle these problems, my lab utilizes behavioral, psychophysical, and neuroimaging methodologies. I am also interested in individual differences in chronic pain and pain modulation, cross-cultural examinations of pain and empathy, and social environmental effects on health broadly defined.

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  • Chiao, J. Y., & Mathur, V. A. (2015). Cultural Neuroscience of Pain and Empathy. Oxford University Press.
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  • Chiao, J. Y., Blizinsky, K. D., Mathur, V. A., & Cheon, B. K. (2011). Culture–Gene Coevolution of Empathy and Altruism. Pathological Altruism. (pp. 292-299). Oxford University Press.
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